Seeing Red….

January 27, 2009

Ok while I normally hate to bash another person’s artist expression (when it comes to music my philosophy is ‘to each his own.’) but this just really requires my comment! My good friend Colleen alerted me to the fact that Perez Hilton posted a Scarlett Johanssonwenn2222918__opt cover of “Last Goodbye.” Really?! The legendary Jeff Buckley must be rolling in his grave! She has managed to take this sonic gem of a song and turn it into a elevator-worthy piano ballad. All the fire and passion from the original is gone and replaced by a mediocre rasp that lacks the vocal range to do any sort of justice to the intended melody.

I’m a huge Buckley fan, so to see one of his greatest songs covered in this manner really infuriates me. He was one of a kind visionary when it came to composition and vocal styling, and the music world lost an amazing genius when he died. “Last Goodbye” is one of his most recognizable, and arguably signature songs. jeffbuckleyIt’s certainly a song that has meant a lot to my life. It’s a shame to see it violated in this way.

Scarlett, if you must remain in the public eye, PLEASE keep to acting and stay away from the titans of indy music. You just don’t compare with the legends…



  1. Scarlett, if you want to stay in the public eye, dye your hair again or show us your boobs. Anything is better than ruining Jeff. Bad Scarlett. Bad, bad, bad.

  2. […] If you haven’t already heard already, Scarlett Johansson is doing a cover of my boy Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye.” I’m going to defer all discussion on this to Amanda. […]

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